Container Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through steps that allow you to deploy docker to TuTum (Docker Cloud Service).

Hosting for containers

There’re couple of other hosting for containers that you might want to consider also:

  • Orchard (part of Docker Inc) – Get a Docker host in the cloud, instantly.
  • StackDock – Docker hosting on blazing fast dedicated infrastructure
  • Tutum – Simple hosting for your Docker containers.
  • Giant Swarm – Simple microservice infrastructure. Deploy your containers in seconds.
  • Triton – Elastic container-native infrastructure by Joyent.
  • Amazon ECS – A management service on EC2 that supports Docker containers.
  • Google Container Engine – Docker containers on Google Cloud Computing powered by Kubernetes.
  • IBM Bluemix – Run Docker containers in a hosted cloud environment on IBM Bluemix.

I’m still experimenting Tutum. Trying to setup Rails application. Will show the result soon.

Container Tutorial

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