Linux Performance Tools

There’re so many tools and so many metric that each people and each companies use to monitor the system performance. This post summarize couple of things that I think they’re useful from the talk of Brendan Gregg. His talk contains many advanced stuff. However I don’t think we gonna use them all.

Here is the list of couple of very popular tools that installed by default in most popular linux distros:

# This probably the most popular command.
# It display CPU usage, Memory usage, Swap Memory, 
# Cache Size, Buffer Size, Process PID, User, 
# Commands and much more
>> top
# This is a little more advance command. And more user
# friendly compare to `top` command
>> htop
# Input/Output Statistics
>> iostat
# Virtual Memory Statistics
>> vmstat
# Tool for monitoring incoming and outgoing network 
# packets statistics
>> netstat -a | more
# Process statistics by thread, disk I/O
>> pidstat -t 1

And there’re a lot more tools that you might now have heard of. All are good. However that’s not important. The important point is you got the right tools and you understand what going on with your system.

Please have a look at the following videos if you want to learn more about the tools and strategies that would help you monitor any systems.


Linux Performance Tools

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