Why I think Elixir is one of the future programming language?

I recently has very much interested in a programming language called Elixir. I heard about Elixir more than a year ago. But I never took a chance to look detail into it until recently. My impression to it is small, simple, and powerful language.

So I decided to give it a chance by solving Elixir programming challenging on Exercism. By solving those problems I gradually learn Elixir syntax, building block, and feel the language. I actually like it alot. Even though it’s functional programming language but the syntax really friendly, not like Haskell or Clojure. Elixir actually like Ruby a lot. Since I got strong Ruby background so this one big thumbup for me.

Anyway, here is what I think Elixir can be one of the future programming language.

1. It’s powerful language

It’s a concurrent language built on top of Erlang Virtual Machine. Which mean it will carries all the power from Erlang. Even though I haven’t use any of those thing in real project yet. But this is a huge promise.

2. The syntax is feasible 

Unlike many other functional programming languages the syntax really hard to wrap in mind. Elixir provides nice, clean, and really compact syntax. Which super great for me. The simpler the better.

3. Great toolbox

Great language is not enough for any real projects. It must come with extra tools for developing and debugging. And yes, Elixir got a lot of those kind of tools. Many of them come with standard libraries. For example: `iex` the interactive console, very much similar to `irb` in Ruby. And `Elixir Pry` for debugging also similar to `Pry` in Ruby/Rails, and so much more.

4. Great community

This is one of the most important thing for any open source project – Community. Without the support of the community no software can exist for long time. Elixir community is getting more momentum everyday. By looking at the open source projects written in Elixir on Github. And the Elixir meetup around the world.

Final thought, I got very positive feeling about the future of Elixir. And decided it become one of my main programming languages arsenal.

# My solution for Elixir problems on Exercism.io https://github.com/kimquy/elixir-exercies

Why I think Elixir is one of the future programming language?

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