How to improve code quality of Rails application

When you work in a team, there always will be the case that everyone want to roll out their own style or way of doing thing. And your teams might have junior developers that have very little experience with Ruby on Rails. And your codebase might easily get mess up if you don’t have a tools to help you automat scanning for code styles, code consistency, code complexity, and security. There’re couple of great services which you can integrate to CI, such as:

However in this post, I gonna show couple of free tools which can solve the problems above.

 1. Rubocop –

It’s great tool for code styles. Make sure everyone follow the same code conventions, and can be easily integrate to any CI services.

2. Fasterer –

Ruby being known for not very performance language. But we still can make a performance app if we do it right.

3. Brakeman –

Scan for security holes in your project. Great tooll, I highly recommend using brakeman. It might give you some false alert. However in general, it’s very good starting point to find out about security risk.

4. Rubycritic –

Rubycritic is a collection of couple of different gems. It got lot of different metrix to help you easily spot the complexity of the codes with super nice report in html.

5. Couple of other reputable gems

How to improve code quality of Rails application